About Us

Founded by two friends with the same passion for helping others, Saved By Grace is made up of 2 women that are on a mission to serve God by being the “hands and feet“ of Jesus. We serve, because Jesus served. We are on a mission to help this community by giving hope, lending an ear, being a friend, and being there when no one else can be found. Jesus didn’t hang out with the rich rulers, he mingled with the ones in need, the ones that were in the streets, dirty and poor. The mission of Saved By Grace is to do just that: reach the lost, befriend the friendless, “Restore hope, one life at a time." All for the glory of God.  SAVED BY GRACE GLYNN IS A 501c3.

Saved By Grace is now serving those in Wayne County.   Please contact us through our website for contact information for Wayne County.

Our Team

Donna Howard
Assistant Director

A 1995 graduate of Glynn Academy, Donna is married to Timothy and together they have five kids, Marysa, Jason, Stephanie, Grace Anne & Brady. Donna enjoys woodworking and martial arts. 

Maria Gamble

Executive Director

A 1981 graduate of Brunswick Christian Academy, Maria is married to Steve and they have one daughter, Lindsey.  She has worked in the hospitality industry for 32 years.

Our Offerings

We provide basic needs such as food, furniture, social service assistance, etc.

Our Mission

We provide the needs of "the least of these," the less desirable of our community, those that may be overlooked by others. No one will be left out. No discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation, addiction, religion, ethnic background, etc. Each day we strive to "Restore Hope, One Life At A Time."

© 2017 Saved by Grace

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