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Saved By Grace, a 501c3, provides the needs of "the least of these," the less desirables of our community, those that may be overlooked by others. It is our mission to provide basic needs such as food, furniture, social service assistance, etc.  No discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation, addiction, religion, ethnic background, etc. Each day we strive to "Restore Hope, One Life At A Time."

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Our Projects

This program provides for those moving from homelessness and/or motels into sustainable housing by providing them with furnishings for their new home.  We will continue to provide them with food once every 30 days.  

The Hope Project

We go out into the streets and into the woods to find those that are homeless. We provide them with basic essentials, such as blankets, pillows, jackets, hand warmers, flashlights, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, sterno, pop-top foods, bug spray, etc. It is our mission to help them sleep and be more comfortable than when we found them.

The I Have A Name Project
The Grace Project

We assist those living in local motels by providing food, helping them find more sustainable housing, apply for food stamps, WIC, child care,  We can help them obtain picture IDs or a driver's license as well as copies of birth certificates or other legal documents.


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Glynn County and Surrounding Areas

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